Space | Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor

Non-Object (Plane), 2010

Stainless steel


192 in. x 84 in. (487.68 cm x 213.36 cm)

Commissioned with MIT Percent-for-Art Funds and generous gifts from an anonymous donor; Robert Sanders ’64 and the Sanders family; The David W. Bermant Foundation: Color, Light, Motion; and Julian Cherubini, MIT Class of 1957

This public art tour is an investigation of the space within and around the select pieces of public art on MIT’s campus. Walk around, through, and under pieces to find different relationships and perspectives.

This tour was created by Joe Faraguna, Class of 2020 in Bioengineering. Faraguna was a List Center Student Guide for all four years of his undergraduate career. 

Non-Object (Plane) is a 16-foot, 3,500-pound monolith of mirror-polished steel. Anish Kapoor has worked extensively with the material on monumental scales, from Chicago’s Cloud Gate to Houston’s Cloud Column, in part due to a continued fascination with industrial materials. Like Bars of Color Within Squares, much of Kapoor’s work elevates common materials, reestablishing them within the context of art. Non-Object (Plane) rests seemingly precariously against a wall in the Ray and Maria Stata Center, distorting and warping both the colorful, eccentric angles of the Frank Gehry interior and the constant movement along the busy streets nearby. How does the physical piece and the reflections it holds establish – or break – a sense of place?


Building Number: 32G

Accession Number: PFA.2010.002