John Newman

John Newman

Untitled, 1988

Pastel, charcoal, pencil and collage on paper


60 in. x 60 in. (152.4 cm x 152.4 cm)

Institute purchase in honor of Catherine N. Stratton

John Newman is well known for his works in sculpture, some on a large scale, but often as small, domestically scaled tabletop assemblages that mix seemingly disparate materials. He also makes prints and drawings.

While the drawings frequently serve as a basis for sculpture, they are freer and more personal. They share a source in the biomorphic forms favored by the Surrealists, but appear looser, with lines forming a torque. Against this warping of space, the color is an energetic jolt, infusing the drawing with emotion.

*Note - this artwork is accessible to the public during performance hours only

Building Number: W97

Accession Number: 1988.014