Jaume Plensa

Jaume Plensa

Alchemist, 2010

Stainless steel, white enamel paint


196.85 in. x 141.73 in. x 125.98 in. (500 cm x 360 cm x 320 cm)

Commissioned by an anonymous donor on the occasion of the Institute’s 150th anniversary and given to MIT in honor of all the alumni who have helped support the Institute over the years.

Alchemist is related to Plensa’s other works, Nomade (2010) and El Alma Del Ebro (2010), which are made of randomly arranged stainless steel letters of the alphabet, painted white and arranged in the shape of a person sitting with knees drawn up to the chest. However, in the place of letters of the alphabet, Plensa’s work for MIT is created from numeric symbols, as an “homage to all the researchers and scientists“ that have contributed to scientific and mathematical knowledge.

Building Number: W20

Accession Number: 2014.004